25N Member Spotlight: Laura Hall

UPDATE: Club 25N member and collaborator Laura Hall will present “Make 2016 a Year to Grow Personally and Professionally” on Wednesday, Jan. 27 beginning at 9 a.m. at 25N Coworking. There is no cost to Club 25N members. General admission is only $10. Not only will you learn practical methods to set realistic goals, but also how to achieve them as Laura shares proven methods from her “coaching playbook.” Learn more about Laura at www.laurahallcoaching.com and check out other upcoming 25N events, too!


Laura_HallNeed to Meet? 25N Coworking Delivers with Space for Up to 100

So… most members of 25N Coworking won’t need meeting space for 100 of their closest colleagues. However, the good news is that it is available if they are looking to host a major function. More likely, you’ll find them using the smaller, casual project room or perhaps one of the other more formal spaces. Laura Hall is one of the members that see the variety of meeting rooms as a major advantage for her business.

Laura Hall is a consultant in human resources and leadership (and a 25N Collaborator!). She also conducts leadership assessments and coaches individuals in leadership.

One of the reasons Laura chose 25N is that she likes having the energy of people around her. Prior to joining 25N Coworking, she went to Starbucks, mainly because the vitality of others gives her momentum. One major drawback, however, was that she couldn’t work with her clients at a coffee shop.

“For some clients, I travel to their organization,” Hall explained. “However, I have individual clients where we don’t have a place to meet.

“It’s not appropriate for me to meet clients at a coffee shop,” she continued. “I needed a place to work and conduct coaching sessions, and this (25N Coworking) has worked out really well.”

Room to Grow

Being that her background is in human resources, Laura loves the idea of collaboration. This is one of the many reasons she adds the friendly, but professional atmosphere of 25N to her list of pluses versus working at home or in a coffee shop.

Working here adds a level of professionalism to my business, and having a place to meet my clients is critical.

“Working here adds a level of professionalism to my business,” says Hall. “And having a place to meet my clients is critical. I need to read their nonverbal cues; this gives me a better chance of helping them.”

Hall also sees the space as innovative, which translates to improved business development. As her business grows, the availability of larger training rooms and conference rooms at 25N will be useful. As a side note, she describes the “whiteboard” walls as amazing.

“When I’m in there with my clients, we write all over them,” she explained. “Before we leave, we can take a photo of the wall or copy it down before we erase it. It’s interactive and great for brainstorming or mapping.”

The former vice president of human resources at Northern Illinois Foodbank identifies social interactions as a prime reason to become a member. “As a solo businessperson, having the social outlet is important.”


Networking Preference

Hall also prefers the casual networking at 25N to large networking events elsewhere.

“Informal networking is more natural to me and more effective,” said Hall. “I meet more people casually at 25N that are good connections than I do at large business networking events.”

“Forced networking isn’t my thing,” she concluded. “I’m likely to build stronger relationships with those I’ve met at 25N than those I’ve encountered at larger networking functions.”

Personally Speaking

A resident of South Elgin, Hall chose to start her business, Laura Hall & Associates, for family flexibility. She and her husband, Rusty (who travels with his work), are parents of two boys, Carson, age 11; and Keegan, 10.

Besides managing the active family’s schedule, Laura works out several times a week and likes to read a lot; primarily nonfiction. You might want to ask her about leadership books she recommends or even political books, which she finds interesting.

Because she has worked for and consulted at several nonprofit organizations throughout her career, Laura is currently exploring the nonprofit sector for leadership development. She hopes to create a service line in the next year or two that focuses on leadership for volunteers, as well as the paid employees of a nonprofit.

In future posts, we’ll be meeting more 25N members and learn how they use the space. And… in the event (get it?!) that you are looking for meeting space, contact 25N Coworking at (630) 409-1030 or meetings@25ncoworking.com to learn about catering options for your event and other information. Basic reservation costs can be found on the 25N Coworking website.

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