A Bright Future with 25N: Guest Author Harshita

Today we welcome guest author Harshita—25N intern & business student.

It was a hot, sticky day in August. My mother and I drove close to an hour for my internship interview at 25N Coworking in Geneva. When I walked in, the twinkling chandeliers and funky, yet comfortable, seats amazed me. As the day progressed, I came to love the place more and more. Chatting with the team solidified my decision to work here during my school year.

IMG_9239As the year passed, I was able to learn about how 25N Coworking started and how they have grown since then. It took a couple of years to get this business on its feet and after multiple feasibility studies, they finally decided on Geneva as their first location. Because of the huge market of homeworkers in this town, along with great amenities of nearby coffee shops, restaurants, parking, transit, etc., it seemed to be a fit.

With its tight-knit community, collaboration, and innovation the team is able to host events such as Pitch + Catch and Think Tank to help better the members’ businesses. One of my personal favorites is their monthly De-Stress Wednesdays where they call in a local chiropractor to give their members free ten-minute massages. My time here was mostly centered on helping 25N digitize all of the data in order to maintain everything in one place online before opening up a new location. The other half of my work was focused on feasibility studies for the future of 25N Coworking. The days went by quite quickly for us as we have just passed our one year anniversary. 25N Coworking is now well-established with more than a hundred members and even more prospects in just this one location.

This business was already well established when I walked through the doors in August of 2015; Looking back from April 2016, I can see that they progressed so much in so little time. For these past two weeks, I have been wrapping up my internship at 25N Coworking. Overall, the experience has been amazing, and I have gained many skills while interning here. I was able to see more aspects of what it takes to run such a business; from deciding which database to use to opening up new locations, and it has surely been a thrilling adventure.

The team here was the best part of the experience. Mara, Meagan, and Kelly have been here through my entire learning process. They supported me even when I made mistakes, and gave me the best internship experience ever. I am definitely going to miss them. I hope to see more 25Ns popping up in the future because I know that they are heading towards a bright future, and I couldn’t be more than happy to say I was a part of the journey.

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