25N Member Spotlight: Bill McFadden

25N Coworking Gives This Frequent Flyer a Place to Land
Several years ago, 25N Coworking member Bill McFadden had the opportunity to join a Texas corporation that was positioning itself for rapid growth. For the Geneva, Illinois resident, it was a chance to apply his sales expertise to a high-growth business in the water filtration industry at Aquasana Inc.

When given the choice to relocate or stay, it made more sense for Bill and his family to remain in Geneva. So, they struck a deal. Because Chicago is a travel hub and his job entails traveling throughout North America, uprooting his family wouldn’t be necessary. It was now up to Bill to make the arrangement work.

For a couple of years, his home office was adequate, not ideal, but doable. However, in June 2015 when the kids were out of school and the family began to remodel their home, disruptions escalated. It was the impetus for this vice president of sales to check out 25N Coworking, a space he was first told about prior to its opening.

Productivity Takes Off
After a tour of 25N and several trial days, Bill knew he found his new office. Yes, it was time to change the way he worked. While the commotion at home was increasing, whenever he wasn’t traveling, his productivity was decreasing. Bill coordinated a plan with his company to set up his office at 25N Coworking. Bill joined as a Club 25N member and is currently a flex space user.

“The distractions were getting out of control,” explained McFadden. “Even more important to me was the ability to go to a nice space that was professional.”

Because the company was paying home office expenses, he says they didn’t hesitate about paying for his membership.

“It’s about a push, in reality,” he added. “The cost is about the same. However, my productivity has definitely improved, which is an additional benefit for my company and business.”

My productivity has definitely improved, which is an additional benefit for my company and business.

Bonus Points
Talking with Bill, he’ll tell you that since he began working at 25N Coworking, he’s found more advantages over working at home.

  • You choose whether to engage in surrounding activity. Bill likes that there aren’t dogs barking, he needn’t answer the doorbell, or be interrupted by other activity at home
  • He’s found people to help “connect the dots” through unanticipated interactions; for business as well as personal needs
  • Amenities such as the water station, coffee, network printer
  • Exercise—by working close to home, many days he rides his bike. “I like that I can decompress by riding my bike home.”
  • Disconnect better from work when he is at home, “Home means home now,” he pointed out.


He did say that while being a remote employee can be tough, the fact that he’s more focused while at 25N, versus at home, leads to the improved productivity he’s experiencing.

“I was losing my space at home—and I need space to work,” he concluded. “The dog barking in the background simply isn’t professional.

“With chaos at home, you might be disconnected from work for 10 minutes, and then it takes another 10 minutes to re-engage. Sometimes it takes you out of your mental element.”

Personally Speaking
Bill and his wife, Marisa, are parents of three children. Isabella, 15 years old, is a freshman at Geneva High School. Mia, 12, is a sixth grader, and son, Will, is 4 years old. Hunter, a 15-month old yellow lab, provides the barking in the background at his home. Getting a pick-up basketball game together? Ask Bill to join, he’ll likely be game to play!

Watch for upcoming blogposts with more opportunities to meet a member and learn what outcomes they’ve experienced while working at 25N. In the meantime, check out the amenities offered at 25N Coworking or make plans to attend one of our upcoming events!


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