Falling in Love with Frisco

Why Frisco? Believe it or not, it’s a case of love at first sight.

A long-distance relationship

Frisco, TX, the site for our newest and third location, is over 900 miles away from our corporate headquarters in Geneva, IL. Naturally, logistical and operational complications will emerge with such a considerable long-distance expansion. So, why the extra effort and risk? We’re glad you asked.

A 25N sister city

This hasn’t been made public before, but we’ve been auditioning possible cities for our next location since we first opened our doors in Geneva, IL. We’ve found excellent matches, but we felt the undeniable “click” when we visited Frisco for the first time, and we’ve been a little obsessed ever since. So, we dubbed this city a “25N sister city” and have been hashing out a plan with our partners ever since. Our goal: take our brand national in a place where our culture aligns and where our suburban coworking model feels right at home.

Flexibility & Freedom

Coworking is all about replacing archaic assumptions about the workforce with a respect for individuality and choice—but changing the way we work is hard work. We have to start with our values and humanize our experiences in the workplace first, and that takes a ready and willing population of like-minded individuals. Enter Geneva, Arlington Heights, and, now, Frisco. In the words of our CEO + Founder, Mara Hauser:

“We’ve auditioned dozens of cities around the country for our next location, but we consider Frisco a ‘best fit’ suburb because of its lifestyle values like flexibility and freedom. We actively seek out vibrant, suburban economic hubs, and Frisco is the perfect case study for maximizing what our company has to offer.”


Live. Work. Play!

25N Frisco’s 12,500 sq. ft. of workspace will be housed on the ground floor of Waterford Market Apartments, a brand new, luxury apartment complex featuring 381 units, a private access parking garage, 2 courtyard pools, and outdoor social pavilions. But there’s more to it than real estate.
25N Coworking Frisco TX and Waterford Apartments
Our Arlington Heights location was our first experiment in combining a residential community with workspace, and we weren’t surprised to find that, even though not everyone who lives there can use a flexible shared workspace, we were welcomed with open arms as a beacon of community culture, productivity, socializing, and professional networking. Proximity to a vibrant community keeps our momentum as leaders in lifestyle and the workforce in full swing. And we intend to recreate this unique hive in as many places as possible.
Frisco, in particular, is overflowing with opportunities to nurture this kind of community not only because of its residents’ core values, but because of its centralized attractions, amenities, and events that make this Dallas suburb a popular destination. For example, Frisco is home to five professional sports teams (including the Dallas Cowboys), boasts one of the largest collections of outdoor public art in all of Texas, offers over 1,300 acres of public parks and recreation areas, and is crammed with local-influence dining opportunities as well as concept restaurants and multi-cultural flavors.
So, go ahead, join us as we fall in love with Frisco.


Erin Maresko
Erin Maresko

Erin is 25N Coworking's Director of Marketing + Brand Management who is super-passionate about coworking, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design.