Frequently Asked Questions

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What is “coworking,” anyway?

The reason we get up in the morning. Our raison d’être. What Bryan Adams was singing about.

But for real, coworking is not just a nice idea. It’s a workplace movement that inspires productivity and nurtures a system of support. Coworking means you get to share workspace with fellow change-makers, attend exclusive events designed to grow your business, and, all-in-all, make your time at work more effective and more meaningful.

Also, we love these 3 Reasons Why Coworking Helps You Thrive and Everything You Need to Know about Coworking.

What are your hours?

You’ll see our happy, caffeinated faces bright and early at 8am, and we’ll lock up at 5. However, workspace members get 24/7 access to the space, which means there’s always an outlet for a 2am stroke of genius.

Can I switch between spaces?

Whether you prefer the open air vibes of Arlington Heights, the peaceful atmosphere of Geneva, or the modern sophistication of Frisco, we’d love for you to visit! 25N members can upgrade to universal workspace access for a nominal fee. Meeting rooms are universally bookable all the time.

Can I bring the doggo?

Despite their powers of persuasion, Sparky and his furry friends need to stay behind. However, the beauty of suburban coworking is your ability to swing back home for lunchtime dog walks and other happy, slobbery midday reunions. We also HIGHLY encourage the sharing of dog (or cat) photos while you’re here.

What if I'm allergic to commitment?

We know that the business world changes fast, so we’re not interested in locking anyone into a claustrophobia-inducing contract. Work with us month-by-month for as long as you’d like— just give us a 30-day heads up before you decide to roll outta here. (But you do get a nice little price break when you sign up for a whole year.)

I take a lot of phone meetings. Is that going to be a problem?

Nope! If we wanted a totally hush-hush space, we’d have signed up for a library card or hopped on the quiet car. Our space is optimized for phone calls, and if you need a little more privacy, you can always tuck into our sound-absorbing phone booths or book a day office.

Ok, but I need space for all my meetings, not just a desk.

No problemo! All of our locations have gorgeous, presentation-equipped meeting rooms that can accommodate groups of 2 to 100. Rooms are bookable by the hour or half-day, and are open to the public. 25N members receive special pricing, of course!

As a member, can I have guests?

We love making new friends! Guests are welcome to join you in any meeting space you’ve reserved, or they can meet with you in the common space for up to an hour. If you want to work together for more time, they can get a day pass for just $35.

Can I get my mail here?

Oh yeah, we do that, too. Our virtual office packages start at just $25/month for members, and include snazzy things like a mailing address, suite number unique to you, and concierge mail service.

But real talk: isn’t this type of thing super expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! We offer tiered memberships that are designed to fit each member’s specific needs. Packages range from just $25/month for basic networking access to $225/month and up for workspace. If you factor in all the additional charges you’d have for wifi, cleaning services, and office equipment and furniture, coworking is a steal! And, unlike traditional office space, our private suites are priced on a sliding scale per person, not square footage alone.

I want to check it out! What’s next?

You’ve got options!

Book a personalized tour with one of our Community Managers.

On the third Friday of every month we hold Free Friday! Feel free to invite your whole entourage and come between 8-5 to see what the hype is about.

Pick a weekday of your choice and use your one free trial day to see if you like working with us before you sign anything.

Ready? Get started here.