Member Spotlight: Jenny McAdams

The Three Fs that Guide this 25N Member’s Life

Three core values form the axis that Jenny McAdams’ life spins around. It so happens that the three all begin with the letter F: faith, family and finances.

Jenny1For a fulfilling work-life balance, the financial associate with Thrivent Financial and 25N Coworking member says she needs to weave the three together as much as possible. As a busy professional and a mother of two small children, Jenny points out that she needs to be a good steward with her time.

“I do need to segment when I’m at work,” she stated. “However, outside of working, I try to do fun activities that revolve around helping others and being generous, but I do them with my family.”

Thrivent’s Action teams is one key that allows Jenny to makes this all happen. An Action team is one of Thrivent’s ABCs of Generosity, organized in the area of education, fundraising or service. To balance work with family and faith, Jenny and her family participate together on an Action team. It is one way for her to simplify a hectic schedule.

F #3: Finance

Although “finance” is the bottom rung of Jenny’s hierarchy of core values, it is the one that she deals with daily at work. It is also one of her favorite topics of conversation, especially when she sits down with clients for the first time, many times in one of 25N Coworking’s meeting rooms.

Talking about finances is raw.

“Talking about finances is raw,” Jenny said. “There are so many emotions surrounding finances, but that is what I like. I am a real person, we need to have these open, honest communications.”

Through these “courageous conversations,” Jenny has the opportunity to do what she loves: educate. This is why you’ll find that her eyes light up about subjects that cause most of us to run. Do you have questions about budgets, planning for retirement and making changes to realize goals? Ask Jenny.

Although this “f” is tied to her successful business, it is an important foundation enabling her other two “fs” to function.

F #2: Family

With Jenny, it is difficult to talk about family without mentioning faith as she originally met her future husband in high school at a Lutheran youth leadership retreat in St. Louis. Jenny was from Minnesota, Sean from Illinois. Their friendship grew via the technology breakthrough AOL Instant Messenger.

It blossomed further when the pair attended college: different schools, but same conference. Jenny was a tennis player and a Ronald Reagan Fellow at Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois. (Yes, the former president was an alum.)

The friendship eventually grew to dating, and then marriage, as the two settled into jobs with different Lutheran congregations. Reagan, now age 5, and Finn, age 2 ½; complete the family.

F #1: Faith

At the top of Jenny’s core value hierarchy is faith. It is clear that it is the thread that binds her life into a finely-woven tapestry. She’s had internships and various jobs that put the mission of sharing her Lutheran faith forefront. For instance, how did she end up interning at a German-speaking Lutheran Church in Ireland? The experience proved to be pivotal in the unconventional path she traveled – a true eureka moment.

When this busy mother has time, she works out at fellow 25N Coworking Collaborator Geneva Fit. She is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and attends St. Mark’s Lutheran Church where she is a member of their generosity team. Jenny is on the leadership team that is launching a new Hispanic mission in Elgin called Vida Y Fe – Life and Faith. She serves on the planning committee for the Tri-Cities CROP Hunger Walk that takes place on Saturday, Oct. 15.

There is a whole lot more to Jenny’s story than the vignette we shared; we encourage you to sit down and get to know her! In the meantime, check out her Facebook page:


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