Introducing LExC: The Ultimate Coworking Experience

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One of the best things about coworking spaces is that they are all so unique. City spaces may exude a different vibe than suburban spaces, and when you travel to different cities, states and even countries, well… that could be another story altogether! Those of you who work or hold meetings at 25N know what to expect each time you walk in the door. What about when you travel and want a space to work?

Our solution is LExC, (pronounced Lek-see), short for the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces. 25N Coworking has been a member of LExC for the past year and a half. Membership in LExC keeps us connected in many ways to the best Coworking spaces and their founders. As a Club 25N Member benefit, you have the ability to work in any or all of the quality LExC spaces.

Recently rebranded (by our own 25N Member Erin Maresko) with a new website, LExC is designed to not only help people choose a coworking space wisely, but also for space owners who are interested in joining the league. Since its founding in 2011, LExC now has more than 25 different coworking brands and 60 different locations throughout the world under its umbrella. This makes LExC one of the largest coworking networks in the world!

Most importantly, LExC does their homework. Each coworking space is vetted to meet strict criteria. According to Nick Clark, president of LExC and founder of Common Desk, the idea behind LExC is not only to share best practices among its members, but also to continually refine common standards of excellence.

“Each space is only accepted to LExC after they are evaluated using highly-competitive criteria,” Clark explained. “Therefore, no matter what LExC space a coworker uses, they know it is high-quality, accessible and community-focused. And, they can use these vetted spaces for no extra cost once they are a member in good standing at a LExC coworking affiliate.”

On a side note, I am pleased to serve on the board of directors of LExC as their marketing chairperson. Our entire executive committee is:


The use of LExC spaces around the world is a tremendous benefit for our Club 25N members—one that I hope when you need, you’ll take advantage of. First step, head to the newly launched website,; then, take your coworking global!

Happy Coworking!


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