Member Spotlight: Robb Zbierski, Freedom Personal Development

Have you ever wondered what the term “Life Hacker” means? Well, we’ve tracked down the real deal.

Robb Zbierski is a speaker, instructor and personal coach with Freedom Personal Development, a nationwide institute dedicated to delivering career and lifestyle freedom through personal skills rooted in efficiency and prioritization. Next month (December 6), he will be offering a full day of “brain training” to propel attendees into a productive (and enjoyable) 2018. Read on to meet this stellar 25N community member who is also the man behind our upcoming “Train Your Brain for Success” seminar in Arlington Heights. Watch the full interview here.


E: Tell us a little about what you do, Robb.

R: We do personal and professional development training programs like memory training, speed reading, attitude, goal setting, time management—anything to help people learn different ways to literally “train their brain” to be more successful at everything they do.

I tell people I fly around the country teaching people how to be a better version of themselves.

E: So, it’s extremely rewarding…

R: Yeah [smiles], I sleep o.k. at night! It’s totally rewarding.

What’s going on in your noodle?

E: So how do you get people to show up, and show up big, to these trainings?

R: I do in-house programs with some organizations, but, often times, we host introductory sessions—ironically this is the type that’s coming up in December here!—where we do a 60-90 minute introductory program just to help people to find out what’s going on in their noodle [laughs]. They discover different ways that their brain is actually hard-wired to get in their way. We talk about different strategies that you can use to overcome these unhelpful default settings—to make your brain work for you instead of against you. From there, we have a bunch of ongoing resources and continuing education.

Human beings aren’t programmed to figure it out on their own

E: Are these events progressive tracks or are they skill specific?

R: Some programs are skills-based events—you spend anywhere from 2 to 8 hours with us… For example, memory training: you’ll meet with us and we’ll do a 2-hour program and people are walking out of there with the goods. They understand how to use their memory and the way that it’s designed to be used… Our formula is that you come in, we teach you the skills, you leave, and you’ve got the skills.

From there, some people just need more help, and that’s where our coaching comes in. We help people who have identified that there’s more out there for them and who just can’t get there on their own… which is totally normal. Human beings, by design, aren’t created to figure it out on their own. We need help. So that’s what we do—we help people.

Ready to meet Robb? Watch the full interview or join us on Wednesday, December 6 from 9–4p in Arlington Heights as we host Robb’s “Train Your Brain for Success” seminar. 25N Members receive 2/3 off registration fees! Email for discount code.

Erin Maresko
Erin Maresko

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