One Month In: Guest Author Lisa Foydel, New Member Development

Today we welcome guest author & new team member Lisa Foydel—25N’s New Member Development.

I’ve been at 25N for just one month and it’s safe to say that I am a convert. Coworking is changing the way we work so quickly and so successfully that the trend is sure to continue. What drew me most to the idea of coworking is that I worked remotely for 10 years. During that time I lived in six different houses/apartments and worked for three companies.

Lisa FoydelI was in sales so I traveled frequently (actually I flew so much that have earned lifetime gold status in the American Airlines’ frequent flier program), but when I was in my home office I was lonely, unmotivated and I was interrupted a lot by my dogs, my kids and their nannies. My husband assumed I could run errands during the day, the laundry seemed to actually call my name, someone was mowing a lawn in the neighborhood every day for at least five months of the year and there was always a dog barking nearby. Not to mention the fact that I was always tempted to take a nap!

Back in the days when I “tele-commuted” I once had to go hang out in a book store because I was having work done in my house. My idea was to make phone calls there, but the cell service was so bad that I couldn’t call anyone that I expected to answer the phone, and instead I hoped I might just have the ability to leave a message. Starbucks was certainly an entity, but WiFi wasn’t. In fact, my own home office had a dial-up modem during most of those years. Eventually, I was able to get a DSL modem. But, that was then.

…my guess is that the members in our community like each other better than the average business colleagues working for the same company in the same space.

In the month that I have been at 25N I can see what I was missing all those years ago. I would have loved to leave my extra bedroom for the chance to work in a coworking environment with a community of people, a group of people like we have here at 25N. When people walk into 25N they are greeted not only by the Community Manager but by other members who know each other by name. There are members whose spouses work in our space but in a different location and they eat lunch together in the Hub. Some members bring their kids in when school is out. And one member’s recent heart attack sparks constant discussion about recipes and healthy eating.

It would be hard to prove, but my guess is that the members in our community like each other better than the average business colleagues working for the same company in the same space.

We are also part of the bigger community of downtown Geneva. Our members buy lunch from local restaurants and shop in the area boutiques. We have also held a fundraiser as a community for one of our non-for-profit members.

Small Business Labs is predicting that there will be as many as 11,000 coworking seats at yearend and more than 26,000 by 2020. This is exciting for me in my new position as New Member Development at 25N because I get to be involved in this booming market where I clearly see so many benefits. Technology will continue to be our friend and its advances will continue to help us grow and expand and make working more productive and enjoyable for all.

Stay tuned. It promises to be an exciting and fun-filled ride.

Lisa Foydel
Lisa Foydel