Erin Maresko

Polymath. Dog Enthusiast. Believer in the Oxford Comma.


Our Director of Marketing, Erin, almost got into a car accident the day she drove by a “coming soon” sign for 25N Coworking, and she was signed up as an exuberant member within 2 months of the opening. Fast forward 6 months, and Erin had weaseled her way into the team as a graphic design and marketing consultant, and the rest is history.


Erin is responsible for telling 25N Coworking’s story through digital & tangible marketing campaigns, brand strategy, art direction, copywriting, graphic/web design, and more. You might call her a “jill-of-all-trades,” but it’s mostly her willingness to say “yes” to new challenges that makes her the perfect fit for 25N.


Erin’s skill-set comes with some extra bonuses, too. Her keen interest in coworking from the get-go contributes to community-building and developing our internal culture, and her experience as a freelancer gives our brand a unique and authentic voice that speaks to what it’s like to work independently.


Erin is mostly a behind-the-scenes force, but her influences can be felt in new programming like The Generalist workshops, development of specialty events, and collaboration with community members. When she’s not busy building the 25N brand, Erin can be found:


  • Cuddling her rescue greyhound
  • Birdwatching
  • Whale watching
  • Collecting rocks
  • Traveling for the hell of it
  • Teaching yoga
  • Buying camera lenses she can’t afford
  • Monitoring space weather
  • In Alaska
  • Arguing with her partner about who’s the funny one


“You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean, in a drop.” [Rumi]



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