Jordan Krawczyk

Family-Oriented Early Bird. Community Lover. Part-time Foodie, part-time Fitness Fanatic.


Jordan worked for the University of Illinois for the first two years of her career in the fields of Human Development and Family Studies. But, after spending those years immersed in research & academia, she needed a change… cue 25N.


Jordan excels at waking up each morning ready to seize the day! As our Community Manager in Geneva, she is not only a first impression of the community, she’s our tour guide, event planner, meeting organizer, people-connector, coffee-maker, customer satisfaction surveyor… a true multi-tasker with an uncanny ability to improvise.


If you ask Jordan, she’ll tell you that her favorite part of her job is interacting with members here and learning not only about the work they do, but also about their hobbies, their family, and other things that they have in common. Her eagerness to meet new people is undeniable (and contagious!)


“What’s especially exciting about 25N is that we’re giving members more than just a place to work, but also the resource of time–with most members commuting from nearby towns, they have more time to share between work and family.”


Jordan has lived in Elburn for most of her life, but she just moved back to the area after living in Champaign, Illinois for 6 years. Outside of work, she’s most likely to be found at one of her two favorite places in Elburn–Pound 4 Pound Fitness or The Corner Grind.


A pro dog cuddler, baking blogger, and personal training student, Jordan strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance while pursuing her hobbies and spending time with the people she loves. Above all, she values her close-knit extended family—including her new fiancé!


“It’s all about perspective.”


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