Laura Sue Jensen

Country Music Obsessed. Community Crazy. Coffee Consumer.


Laura Sue teaches dance to 6 six year olds, so she brings a lot of patience and organizational skills to the table. That being said, we believe her when she says she loves the unexpected.


Here at 25N, Laura Sue serves as a Community Associate, responsible for facilities management and warmly greeting members, potential members, and guests. Her main passion, however, lies in her role as an event planner and coordinator for 25N and the community at-large.


A North Central College (Naperville, IL) graduate, Laura Sue majored in Organizational Communications and minored in Leadership. So, like we said before, she’s no stranger to dynamic interactions with a diverse range of individuals. Additionally, her current and past positions as a dance teacher, waitress, and event planner have lent her strong interpersonal skills—and it shows!


“I love that creating a community is first and foremost here. Being an Or. Comm. major, it is something we studied a lot in our classes: community is SO important in a workspace. Another thing that drew me in is the ability to do so many tasks in one day, rather than the same job day in and day out. I love the unexpected. Something that excites me about my role is having the ability to really interact with all of our members and learn how to make their day at work a little better.”


Laura Sue loves to travel. Recent destinations include Japan, Italy, France, Mexico, Canada, London, and Spain—and she says that Australia is next on her list. She also has skydiving on her radar… We think there’s a theme here.


When she’s home, Laura Sue’s time is spent in the dance studio instructing kids and young adults of all ages. She herself is in her first year dancing with Meraki Dance Company! Other than that, she loves game nights with her family and tuning in to her guiltiest pleasure: reality T.V.


“No rain, no flowers.”


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