Noelle Villicana

Culture and community queen. Connecter-of-people. World travel devotee. Dreamer of beach days and South Florida sunsets.


Noelle received her Bachelor of Science in Event Management at Lynn University in Boca Raton and jumped straight into the event planning world. After a couple years of moving-and-shaking in the events industry, she was on the hunt for an opportunity to manage a space or venue full-time while still flexing her event management muscle. Turns out, community management at 25N was her perfect fit (and ours too), and the rest is history!


Oh, but where to begin. Noelle holds down the fort as the Community Manager of 25N’s Arlington Heights location, but what she brings to the team cannot be limited to one job title alone. Her background includes extensive event planning experience, and she’s a pro at logistical planning (think: envisioning everything that could possibly go wrong and then planning ahead for it.) Connecting people is second-nature to her, so don’t be surprised if you walk into Arlington Heights and are immediately introduced to 3 different people who you relate to in a meaningful way. She could win awards for “multitasker extraordinaire,” which makes her a perfect fit to manage a hopping suburban coworking space.


12/10 – would hire again in a heartbeat.


“I believe surrounding yourself with good people in a great environment is a huge factor for a happy life! Being the point person for all of our members for their ‘work home’ away from home is what I get really excited about.”


If you catch Noelle outside of 25N… well… that might be difficult. A true globetrotter at heart, Noelle’s free time involves taking every opportunity she can to skip town and explore a new culture. When not jet-setting to a different time zone, Noelle can be found slaying her side-hustle: coordinating weddings at her church and putting the full-force of her dynamic set of skills toward making couples’ “big day” utterly magical. Noelle is also a self-proclaimed music junkie, and you can probably find her involved in a handful of music-related projects at any given time. (Singing with various groups and generally dazzling in the performance spotlight are currently on the short list.)


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”



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