Rheana Rios

Conversationalist. Collaborator. Mother of Dragons
a two year old that thinks he’s a Dragon.


Rheana graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a major in Marketing Communications and a minor in Women & Gender Studies, so relatability, communication, and understanding are some of her core strengths.


Here at 25N, Rheana serves as a Community Manager, responsible for working on community initiatives designed to develop connections between members, including member introductions and networking, and ensuring a cohesive community.


Beyond behind-the-scenes operations, reporting, and point-of-contact responsibilities, Rheana is required to use her creativity to evolve member experience and troubleshoot sometimes-complicated logistical issues.


“I was born and raised on the island of Guam so community is kind of the backbone of my childhood/upbringing. They say it takes a village and I literally lived in one. So when I moved to the states, searching for a sense of community has always been the driving force in everything that I do. Coworking IS community at its core—bringing a variety of backgrounds, culture and expertise together in one place is what excites me most about working for 25N.”


Rheana is a resident of Arlington Heights, but all of her family still lives on the U.S. island territory of Guam (you can drive around the whole island in 2 hours!). She counts writing, reading, beverages, and libraries among her diverse interests, and she loves pitching new ideas born of her background in marketing and communications. Her son and her partner, Anthony, dominate the rest of her time, especially since they’re always trying to keep up with their two year old, Logan!


“Happiness is an inside job.”


If people are your passion…

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