Sari Lash

Hot-off-the-(french)-press coffee snob. Lover of lyrics, lexicons, and libraries. She makes PollyAnna look like a scrooge.


Sari’s background includes nearly every creative and hospitality-oriented job thinkable. (You think we exaggerate? Ask her.) After spending some time in sales and marketing, she’s getting back to her first love— careening full speed toward the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship.


Here at 25N, Sari holds down the role of Design & Marketing Community Coordinator (yeah, try saying that three times fast). Besides being an entrepreneurial renaissance woman and hospitality aficionado, Sari works closely with our Director of Marketing, Erin, to make sure the world knows how awesome coworking truly is.


Sari graduated with a degree in Music Business & Entrepreneurship from Judson University and has experience in sales and marketing, event planning, and project management. She comes to the team with killer interpersonal skills and work ethic, and nothing thrills her more than a good brainstorming sesh.


“My heart beats fast at the idea of creating a space where entrepreneurs and visionaries have access to creative and cutting-edge systems of support. I get a little giddy thinking about walking into work every day with the sole purpose of cultivating a space where people can thrive— and creating the designs that invite them in.”


“What life??” Just kidding. On a day off, Sari can be found in front of her upright piano arranging a cover song or picking out a new melody that she came up with at 3AM. Going for a run or hitting the gym is her therapy, and on any given day she would probably rather be outside. And did we mention that, in Sari’s remaining time, she’s driving out to classes in Deerfield in pursuit of her Master’s degree?


“Admire the creativity in others without questioning your own.”



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