Your Private Office in a Coworking Space

The benefits of coworking are clear… but what if you just can’t use shared workspace and you need a door? We’ve rounded up five benefits of housing your private office in a coworking space—and they might surprise you.

Wellspring Creative

Wellspring Creative works out of a private office at 25N Coworking Geneva.

More “Bang for Your Buck”

Yes, we can reduce your overhead.

Just because shared workspace doesn’t suit your business doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the “sharing economy.” At 25N, we share other things among all members, private and otherwise, included with your private office monthly price:

  • Wi-Fi
  • High-end performance furniture
  • All utilities
  • Janitorial cleaning services
  • Office services
  • Break room amenities (refrigerator, microwave)
  • Free coffee and refreshments on-demand


Also, we like to think that the daily smiles and friendly faces you’ll encounter are an added perk.

Adjacent Growth Opportunities

A traditional real estate lease can leave you in a near-empty building, isolated (think Gollum) from all human contact—by design. Although there’s value to privacy, isolation can have a staggering effect on productivity, motivation, and networking opportunities. Survey research shows that the average coworking space member makes 3–6 useful connections, like new clients or resource partnerships, within the first two months of membership. Collaborative encounters are not only a part of our interior space design; they are ingrained in our culture.

“What I always say to people when they ask, “Where’s your office?” is that [25N] is much more economically feasible than to go off in an isolated office complex somewhere, where you’re paying overhead, paying for services, paying for furnishings. Here, you have support services included, and a real community at your disposal. It’s those accumulated things.” -Ken Korber, 25N Private Office Member

Useful Programming + Resources

Our community model is all about economic development, and we’ve found no better way to foster that model than through networking & business development events and/or educational programming—in many cases presented by members themselves (and you can, too!). For example:

  • Member Advisory Services: we host a business planning firm for free, 30-minute member consultations each week for strategic & operational counseling.
  • The Generalist: covers do-it-yourself marketing and brand strategy.
  • Think Tank @25N: a free, weekly public forum for feedback on specific business enterprise obstacles.
  • Pitch + Catch: three members get up in front of a public audience of their peers to practice pitching (a financial, a growth opportunity, or a sales pitch), and the audience—which is made up of interested parties like investors, financial consultants, marketing consultants, attorneys, or accountants—listens in, and then the format gives the pitcher 20 minutes of feedback.

Professionally-Designed Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms are, frankly, some of the most versatile and beautiful (impress your clients!) meeting rooms in all of Chicagoland. Rentable by the hour, each of our locations has at least 6 meeting rooms to choose from to suit your style and requirements—from 1–20 people. All meeting rooms come equipped with LED presentation monitors and other AV services, in-room coffee and water, and select rooms include dry-erase brainstorming walls, overhead projectors and x-large pull-down screens, and/or outlets built right into the table. Check them out here.

Have a larger group or event to host? Our HUB spaces can fit up to 100 people and are available for rent after business hours.

Built-in Receptionist

Greet your guests and clients with a thoroughly-trained, sociable, real-life human—and never receive a “surprise” visitor again! Our spaces also include waiting areas and refreshments in the event of an early arrival. Bonus: our team is well-informed on all of our facilities, events, programming, and member happenings, so it only takes a short conversation on Slack (our inter-community comms platform), via email, or in-person to get your questions answered.

Community staff at reception greets guests and maintains operations.



Happy Coworking.

How did you discover coworking? We’d love to hear your story. Email Erin at

Erin Maresko
Erin Maresko

Erin is 25N Coworking's Director of Marketing + Brand Management who is super-passionate about coworking, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design.