25N Member Spotlight: Stephan Perrault

25N’s Private Offices Are More than a Space to Work
Is working out of the house becoming more of a challenge than fun—as it once was? At 25N, we’re changing the way we work. We believe our members say it best… so welcome to our next installment about how members of 25N Coworking use the space. In this issue we look at why a small business owner sought business growth by leaving the comforts of home and what transpired.

stephan_1Meet Stephan Perrault. Stephan is the owner of Wellspring Creative Communications and Archifilms Multimedia. He was working—quite successfully—out of his home since 2001.

For Stephan, 2015 started with a bang. He signed several new sizeable projects, employed Lauren as an assistant, and then realized that his house may no longer be the most professional location for his growing business

Small Business, Private Office/Team Room
Stephan was first introduced to the idea of coworking at a networking event in the fall of 2014.

“It was actually fortuitous,” Perrault mentioned. “I met interesting people and I was intrigued by the coworking concept. I did think at the time that it seems like a cool thing, but I’m not ready for that.”

However, as he became busier, he began rethinking space requirements and next steps.

“Interestingly, you hire someone to help you with your work,” Stephan explained. “Then, you start pushing to get more work to keep her busy and it snowballs.

“I very quickly thought about needing to get additional space and to get out of my house,” he added.

Though he determined it was time to get out of the house, he didn’t immediately sign up as a member of 25N Coworking. Instead, he used a commercial realtor to help him search for the best option. As they toured, the benefits of working at 25N began to amplify.

“In the back of my mind, I was comparing everything I saw with this space,” he simplified. “What I realized, is that nothing compares.”

What Stephan wanted was a private space/team room where he and his assistant could work together. As he shopped, he determined that you can’t get the level of quality, amenities and atmosphere available at 25N elsewhere in the Fox Valley area. After his fruitless search for other space, Stephan joined 25N Coworking and now rents a private team space.

In the back of my mind, I was comparing everything I saw with this space… what I realized, is that nothing compares.

Surprises—a coworking space is more than an officestephan_2
Now more than a year after his move, Stephan Perrault couldn’t be happier with his decision.

“I feel it adds value to my business at every turn,” he stated. “It has been nothing short of a win situation since I came here.”

As American Express once promoted, “With membership comes benefits.” Here’s what happens at 25N for Wellspring, including a few benefits which pleasantly surprised him.

  • Conferencing, meeting facilities … and a kitchen. “All of these are right here at my fingertips for me to use without traveling elsewhere, an added value for me.”
  • Serendipitous networking is a surprise for Stephan. Besides connecting with attendees at events such as Pitch + Catch and the meetup group, meeting other members during the workday is advantageous—and unexpected.
  • Member connections were also a surprise. “People are open to sharing ideas with you, including how to handle a certain aspect of your business.”
  • Problem solving. Stephan likes that Mara Hauser, community founder, and Meagan Schoenrock, community manager; do what it takes to help solve member problems, such as the time he needed extra room for mounting images. “If I were in another office environment, who would I call? And, would they be able to help?”
  • Business events—25N Coworking periodically brings in outside experts to help members. One month a representative of the Small Business Development Center may teach pertinent business topics. The next month, members may learn about group benefits that are available to them, including insurance.


As an employer, Perrault pays for his assistant’s membership and a small monthly fee, and has now added a second employee. It’s all worth it, he says, although he was doubtful at first.

“Honestly, this is such a fabulous environment that they love working here,” Stephan enthused. “I think they are happier working here, so they’ll stay with me longer. I look at this environment as an employee benefit.”

Perrault is also confident that his membership will help him grow his company.

“Mara is all about helping people achieve their goals through their membership,” he finalized. “This has been an extra plus of working at 25N Coworking and a little bit of a surprise.”

Personally speaking
A Batavia resident, Stephan and his wife Jennifer, are parents of two boys. Aaron is 10 years old, and Aidan is 13 years old. He says he’s had lots of hobbies over the years, with running and yoga being his current favorites.

The Northwestern University communications graduate founded Wellspring Consortium in 2001 after working at various advertising and marketing agencies. After specializing in media writing at Northwestern, along with radio, TV and film, he chose to pursue the marketing side of communications instead of production.

That’s all for today—be sure to check out the amenities offered at 25N Coworking or make plans to attend one of our upcoming events!


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