Workspace as a Service: Meeting Rooms

Your meeting should be more than productive—it should be memorable.


The Conference Room at 25N Coworking Arlington Heights
The Conference Room at 25N Coworking Arlington Heights

A Multi-purpose Endeavor

An in-person meeting is always a multi-purpose endeavor. It might be:

  • the first opportunity you have to close a deal
  • an introduction to meet (and impress) a potential client
  • an introduction to a team you’ll be managing or working with
  • a crucial block of time where decisions must be made
  • a time-sensitive session where work must get done

If you’re facilitating a meeting, you have to decide what materials you need, what you want to pitch, who is attending, and then coordinate multiple schedules and calendars, possibly across distant locations. Can you afford to spend time concerning tools and environment? Can you afford not to?

Workspace As a Service

Enter: us. Offering more than temporary real estate is a core part of our mission. We utilize our experience and tools to right-size your upcoming meeting’s workspace, amenities, and additional services like:

  • meeting rooms that serve from 2–20 participants (or more)
  • custom hourly rates
  • professionally designed interiors
  • high-performance furniture and integrated power sources
  • LED display monitors and/or projection
  • dry-erase brainstorming walls
  • high-speed Wi-Fi
  • phone & video conferencing capabilities
  • front desk concierge & waiting area
  • printing and basic office services
  • coffee/tea/water
  • catering

The Results Speak for Themselves

Focus on your business; leave the details to us.

“I can’t say enough about the staff and how great they are… Yes, the working environment is great… Yes, it looks great when I have clients come in. Yes, you get the best bang for your buck for the facilities….But the staff is what takes this to a whole different level…”


“Great concept and perfect execution! This coworking space has a solution for everyone. I am very pleased with my choice to make 25N my office when I am not traveling. The staff and other coworkers are extremely helpful and respectful.”


Happy Coworking.

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Erin Maresko
Erin Maresko

Erin is 25N Coworking's Director of Marketing + Brand Management who is super-passionate about coworking, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design.